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Day 3 — 100 Days of Happiness

Flowers make me happy!

This is one of the Hibiscus bushes blooming in my front flower bed. I’m not a huge fan of doing the gardening, but I do love the flowers. 🙂  My hubby plants 2 or 3 of these for me each year as a present from the cats for Mother’s Day. He’s a sweetie huh?  ‪#‎100DaysofHappiness


Uterine Cancer Awareness Month


It’s Uterine Cancer Awareness month Ladies … a cause that became near and dear to my heart this past Spring . Get out there and get your Paps done, and listen to your body. If something seems “off”, get checked out. Paps don’t detect all vaginal cancers, including Uterine! Early detection saves lives!