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* Review * MERRY CHRISTMAS COWBOY by Maisey Yates

* Review * MERRY CHRISTMAS COWBOY by Maisey YatesMerry Christmas Cowboy by Maisey Yates
Series: Four Corners Ranch #2
Published by HQN Books on October 25, 2022
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As the snow falls on Four Corners Ranch, all this untamed cowboy wants for Christmas is the family he’s never had…

Cowboy Wolf Garrett is delighted his brother is happily married—really, he is. But time can never heal Wolf’s own wounds, so being surrounded by such marital joy is a bit…much. A trip to his extended family’s ranch in Copper Ridge seems the ideal change of scenery. Until he meets local innkeeper Violet Donnelly and realizes he’s exchanged one form of torture for another—trying, and spectacularly failing, to resist their instant, wildly hot chemistry.

Violet knew Wolf was trouble the moment he walked into her inn. But it's a whole new level of trouble when she discovers that their secret nights have left her pregnant! Especially when she has six feet of gorgeous, furious cowboy demanding that she come home with him for the holidays and marry him. Wolf has lost more than she could ever imagine, but Violet believes in the power of love to heal, and she’ll do anything to give their future family a chance. Wolf has already given her so many firsts—dare she hope he’s about to become her first Christmas miracle too?

Bonus novella included!


When two Maisey Yates worlds collide, a treat is in store for all! Fans of Yates will be delighted to take a trip back to an old favorite, Copper Ridge, in book two of her latest Four Corners Ranch series. Once angsty teen Violet Donnelly is all grown up and hooking up with Wolf Garrett when he comes to visit his cousins. I loved seeing Violet and her family again and watching her fall in love was heartwarming.

Wolf is a kindhearted man, but he’s set in his ways of never getting sucked into losing his heart to a woman capable of leaving him and crushing his soul.

Violet is sweet, sincere and enjoying the family she has around her when temptation like she’s never known before comes knocking.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that enjoys a small town cowboy romance with endearing characters, sweetly passionate love stories and lots of drama to sink your teeth into.


* Review * A SANTA STABBING by Geri Krotow

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * A SANTA STABBING by Geri KrotowA Santa Stabbing by Geri Krotow
Series: Shop 'Round the World #1
Published by Tule Publishing on November 2, 2022
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She didn't realize she'd traded "Naval Aviator" for "amateur sleuth"…

Retired Navy pilot Angel Warren’s new life awaits in Stonebridge, Pennsylvania, where she’s opening Shop ‘Round the World, her travel-inspired gift and novelty shop. A newly empty nester and longtime widow, she’s looking forward to leaving her flying career and its many life-or-death decisions behind and reconnecting with family and friends. Right now, Angel’s biggest challenge is getting the shop ready for its grand opening just weeks before Christmas.

Until she finds a dead body in the shop murdered with one of her specialty Santa figurines. Even worse, Angel’s fingerprints are on the “weapon” and she’s a prime suspect. It doesn’t help that the deceased is an old friend who’s collected a long list of enemies as a cut-throat real estate agent. And then there’s the Stonebridge Chief of Police—and Angel’s high school BFF—who brings her in for questioning.

If Angel wants to clear her name before the Christmas rush, she’s going to need to do some sleuthing on her own—and with the help of her stressed out parrot, Ralph.


A delightful small-town holiday caper! Geri Krotow shines in her cozy mystery debut with a solid cast of characters, a humorous pet parrot and an addictive whodunnit mystery. I’m looking forward to more to come in the series!

Angel is strong, accomplished and deserving of a relaxing transition to what coming home will be, but life has anything but that in store for her.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fun mystery revolving around a small town and all of it’s whimsy characters.



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * NOBODY CARES UNLESS YOU’RE PRETTY by Lani Lynn ValeNobody Cares Unless You're Pretty by Lani Lynn Vale
Series: Gator Bait MC #1
on November 1, 2022
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The problem with Wake was that he was understandable. He was the type of villain that literally scared the absolute shit out of you because you knew that under the right circumstances, you could end up exactly like him.

Which, sadly, was the case for me.

I’d done the exact same thing as Wake, and now I was a murderer just like him.

Did I know that I did wrong? Hell yes.

Did I regret that? Hell no.

Did I plan on changing a thing? Also, no.

Was I falling in love with a man that should scare the shit out of me? A resounding hell yes.


Highly addictive and exhilarating! Lani Lynn Vale has a way with a strong-willed and good-hearted man who is willing to throw caution to the wind to right every wrong that crosses their path that just guts me on a regular basis! I am happy to dive into each and every hero like this that she writes. Great characters, an addictive subject and so much yummy goodness that you won’t be able to stop reading once you start.

Wake is above all else a loving father. He’s easily redeemable even though he has spent years in prison, and I can’t wait to see more of how he and the rest of his crew grow and thrive in the rest of this series.

Dutch is sweet and sincere and willing to go where she never thought she would have to.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a strong, alpha male that is willing to push the boundaries when justice calls for it and who loves hard and forever.


* Review * THE PRINCE’S ONE -NIGHT BABY by Juliette Hyland

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE PRINCE’S ONE -NIGHT BABY by Juliette HylandThe Prince's One-Night Baby by Juliette Hyland
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on October 25, 2022
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A passionate encounter…

…with royal consequences!

Meeting midwife Calla on his flight home makes Dr. Kostas’s long journey far more exciting. Especially when their instant attraction leads to a red-hot layover! But Kostas can offer only one night of pure passion. Because, unbeknownst to Calla, he’s also a prince—with no intention of inflicting the pressures of royal life on anyone again. So it’s a shock to discover they’ll be colleagues at his new clinic…and an even bigger shock is heading their way…


A tale of temptation too tempting to resist! Juliette Hyland always delivers a captivating story with easy to relate to characters and her latest did not disappoint! I highly enjoyed their connection and meandering the ups and downs of settling into their new reality with them.

Kostas is quick to catch a readers eye because though he is a royal, he’s been enjoying his laid back secretive life in America for more than a decade and is reluctant to return to the stifling life awaiting.

Calla is sweet and new to life outside of her little bubble, so watching her experience so many firsts is exciting. I enjoyed her!

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a medical setting with romantic elements and an addition perk of diving into the royal life as their relationship progresses.