** Book Review ** SKIN DEEP by Kimberly Kincaid



An exciting new series by Kimberly Kincaid!  This book took me a bit by surprise because I was expecting a lot of firefighter action, but it actually was more about a police investigation.  It was good, and kept us on our toes throughout wondering if they were going to catch the bad guys, I just wanted a bit more on the sexy firemen front!

Firefighter Kellan Walker has a lot of demons in his past that he works hard to beat down.  Intense focus on his job keeps the turmoil at bay, but when he stumbles across some possible evidence to a crime at the scene of a fire they fought, he’s drawn into more drama then he ever would have thought possible!

Detective Isabella Moreno isn’t one of Kellan’s favorite people.  They have some history going back a few months and he still holds a major grudge against her for her part in placing his sister in danger during an investigation.  When she’s the one who shows up to investigate what he has found, he puts aside his animosity to walk her through the scene.

What starts as an innocent reporting of info turns into more than Kellan bargained for when he and Isabella wind up reluctantly teaming up to find the bad guy and find the evidence to bring him to justice.  Will they be able to keep their hearts in tact as they fight their attraction to each other?

ARC received via NetGalley

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