REVIEW — Eye Candy – Katherine Garbera

4 STARS! Great read! When Garrett Mulligan, on leave NYPD officer, finds his tipsy neighbor, Hayley, trying to break into her own apartment one … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Boots and the Rogue – Myla Jackson

4 STARS! Brody McFarlan is lured back to his family ranch under false pretenses by his younger brother, Colin.  He had been away for 8 years, and … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: The Detective – Adrienne Giordano

4 STARS! I really enjoyed the mystery waiting to unravel in this book! It all starts with Lexi Vanderbilt being hired to redecorate a house where a … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: The Heat of the Moment — Katie Rose

5 STARS! This was my first experience with this author, and I had not read either of the first two books of this series, so I wasn't sure what to … [Continue reading]


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REVIEW: All I Need Is You — Wendy S. Marcus

4 STARS! Steamy!! Neve Jaimes is a 24 year old gymnastics instructor/Adiago dancer living in New York.  She gets the idea to be a Pen Pal to an army … [Continue reading]

GIVEAWAY TO ENTER! … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Following Doctor’s Orders — Caro Carson

5 STARS! I really enjoyed reading this book!  It has the sexy self-confident man flirting aspect, yet turns into a sweet love story.  Keeps you … [Continue reading]

REVIEW:  SEAL’s Ultimate Challenge — Elle Jame

  5 STARS! I really enjoyed this book!  Hope there are more to come with the other character's stories. :) It starts out with Cory "Reaper" Nipton … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Having Her Boss’s Baby — Maureen Child

4 STARS! An enjoyable read!  You are introduced to Brady Finn, and to see him on the surface he comes off as some rich mogul who cares about making … [Continue reading]