* Review * A COWBOY FOR ALL SEASONS by Caitlin Crews, Nicole Helm, Maisey Yates and Jackie Ashenden

* Review * A COWBOY FOR ALL SEASONS by Caitlin Crews, Nicole Helm, Maisey Yates and Jackie AshendenA Cowboy for All Seasons by Caitlin Crews, Nicole Helm, Maisey Yates, Jackie Ashenden
Published by HQN Books on February 25, 2020
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June Gable left each of her four granddaughters a handwritten bequest—to spend a season at her beloved farmhouse in Jasper Creek, Oregon, before they sell it. These cousins were once as close as sisters, but time and family betrayals have pushed them apart.

In spring, polished city girl Keira must find her country roots—and reconnect with an old flame. In the summer, tough tomboy JJ needs to tap into her softer side while helping a single dad and his daughters. Cheerful dreamer Lila has to help coordinate the town craft fair in autumn, under the stern eye of the handsome cowboy she loved as a girl. And as winter falls, headstrong, independent Bella must learn to ask for help from the one man she believes she can never have.

The four cousins will have to confront secrets from the past, deal with old wounds they’d rather hide, and tangle with their hardheaded cowboys before they can find love, healing and the true meaning of family…


Emotional and satisfying! A COWBOY FOR ALL SEASONS is a story separated into four parts by Caitlin Crews, Nicole Helm, Maisey Yates and Jackie Ashenden. It tells the story of four cousins who used to be as close as sisters in their childhood summers spent with Grandma June in Jasper Creek, Oregon before life sent them in different directions. June Gable is gone now and has left each granddaughter a personal letter asking them to each spend a season in the house she treasured and take care of a task or two for her.

Along the way each cousin reconnects with the past and envisions the future they were meant to have as happily ever after comes knocking at the door. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a family intense plot filled with romance along the way. I enjoyed them all!


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