* Review * A PRIVATE AFFAIR by A.C. Arthur

* Review * A PRIVATE AFFAIR by A.C. ArthurA Private Affair by A.C. Arthur
Published by Harlequin Dare on January 1, 2020
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Rivals for the runways. Enemies in the industry. And for a single sinfully hot night, they’re about to indulge in the one thing they’re not allowed…each other.

Fashion executive Riley Gold knows that appearances are everything. And New Year’s Eve in Milan is no exception. If Riley’s going to have a reputation for being an “ice princess,” then she’s going to be flawless, glacier-cold perfection. Especially when Chaz Warren is here, looking too damn good, too damn sexy…and every inch the enemy.

Not only are their families fashion archrivals, but social media mogul Chaz Warren is a player—and the world knows it. But for one X-rated night, Riley will give in to the electric lust that’s always been crackling between them. All it takes is a searing kiss to turn the heat from simmering to full-on passion…

Riley thought one night with Chaz would be enough. But it’s not enough, not nearly. Now Riley and Chaz are having a private—and completely naughty—affair, and hiding the scandalizing truth from both the tabloids and their feuding families. But keeping her deliciously hot enemy close won’t just melt the ice around Riley’s heart…he could incinerate it completely.


A secret hook-up, a family rivalry, and non-stop temptation! PRIVATE AFFAIR by A.C. Arthur is quite the delight with high-powered characters, a hint of mystery and best of all is the steamy connection between this less than ideal match up.

Riley was an easy character to like. She is no nonsense and accepts nothing less than perfection … from herself and others. If she’s going to be labeled an “ice princess” by the industry because of that, then she will be sure to wear it well.

Chaz is yummy. His father-figure uncle is Riley’s dad’s biggest rival in the fashion industry, so they are supposed to dislike each other on sight, but a New Year’s Eve party in Milan is temptation neither of them seem to want to resist. It was supposed to be one night, but neither of them can stay away from the other.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast paced steamy read with a lot of heart and a touch of intrigue to round the story out. Really enjoyed them!


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