* Review * ALL THAT GLITTERS by Danielle Steel

* Review * ALL THAT GLITTERS by Danielle SteelAll That Glitters by Danielle Steel
Published by Dell on November 17, 2020
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Nicole “Coco” Martin is destined to have it all. As the only child of doting and successful parents, she has been given every opportunity in life. Having inherited her mother’s stunning beauty and creativity, along with her father’s work ethic and diligence, she has the world at her feet. Her graduation from Columbia is fast approaching, and with it the summer job of her dreams working at a magazine. Between work, leisurely weekends at her family’s home in Southampton, and spending as much time as possible with her best friend, Sam, life couldn’t be better—until tragedy strikes. Coco’s beloved parents are killed in a terrorist attack while on vacation in France.

Now devastated and alone, Coco must find a way to move forward and make her way in the world without the family she loved. Determined to forge her own path and make her parents proud, Coco pursues her dreams, dazzled by exciting opportunities that come her way. Her goals are to think outside the box—and always play by her own rules. As she finds herself drawn to charismatic, fascinating men, each relationship will teach Coco new lessons, some delightful, some painful. She will come to realize what matters, and how strong she truly is—and in the end, she will discover herself.

Richly exploring one woman’s poignant journey through life, All That Glitters is a compelling tale of challenges, heartbreak, discovery, and triumph, a powerful reminder that all that glitters is not the essence of life. And what is truly worth having was right there in our hands all along.


A story of coming of age during tragedy. As always with a Danielle Steel novel, I picked it up and fell deeply into a connection with the characters. It was a fast paced storyline with light complexity. It wasn’t my favorite of her latest releases, but it was an easy read with lots of interesting characters and connections.

Coco is on the verge of graduating from college and stepping into the big bad world with a dream internship when life as she knew it is ripped from her in one fell swoop with her parents being killed in a foreign terrorist attach while traveling. The emotion is high and love and sadness prevail as she tries to pick up the pieces of her future without her two stabilizers.

She portrays a loyalty that shines bright when showcasing the relationship she has shared over the years with her best friend Sam. Her career ambition is strong, but she keeps her eyes open as different facets of the field intrigue her. Her only weakness is her quickness to succumb to the wrong type of men and inability to stand on her own without one by her side.

I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who wants an easy read without a lot of interwoven drama and saga like storyline.


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