* Review * COLTON FAMILY SHOWDOWN by Regan Black

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * COLTON FAMILY SHOWDOWN by Regan BlackColton Family Showdown by Regan Black
Series: The Coltons of Roaring Springs #10
Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense on October 1, 2019
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A mysterious visitor at the door…

Can danger be far behind?

Quarter Horse breeder Fox Colton is a loner by nature. So when an anonymous infant appears on his doorstep, he reluctantly takes in the baby—and new assistant Kelsey Lauder. As he grows to cherish his unexpected family, Fox works to track down Baby John Doe’s real parents. But when secrets from Fox’s own past are unearthed, he could find himself alone again, just as he’s come to love the new people in his life.


As the tenth book in The Colton’s of Roaring Springs series, Regan Black’s COLTON FAMILY SHOWDOWN is quick to delight with a mystery arriving on the scene almost instantly.

Fox is a bit of a loner, feeling on the outside of his family but loyal to a fault to the Crooked C Ranch. When an infant is left on his doorstep, he sets out to find out who the baby belongs to, bringing his new assist and temporary nanny along for the ride.

Kelsey is secretive, and we’re a little unsure of whether she’s trustworthy or not at first, but once her story comes out, we understand her dilemma.

I recommend this story to anyone enjoying a good mystery involving a baby. The character’s attachment to the little guy was heartwarming, and the mystery was powerful enough to hold our attention. There wasn’t a lot of movement towards solving the series wide Avalanche Killer mystery, but this individual one was satisfying enough to carry the story.


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