I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * DEMANDING HIS BILLION-DOLLAR HEIR by Pippa RoscoeDemanding His Billion-Dollar Heir by Pippa Roscoe
Published by Harlequin Presents on March 1, 2020
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The woman he can’t forget…

The child he can’t deny!

Wild. Powerful. Ultrarich. Matthieu’s reputation was infamous. And he wanted to keep it that way! It was a way to shelter from the pain of his traumatic past. Until enchanting Maria entered his world of unimaginable wealth…and unraveled his carefully ordered life with a night of blistering passion.

She was the only woman to see the man behind the scars. Yet, to protect her, Matthieu pushed her away. Now Maria is back, with an announcement that leads him to question everything: “I’m pregnant.”

One night turns into forever! DEMANDING HIS BILLION-DOLLAR HEIR by Pippa Roscoe is an emotional journey of healing for two lost souls.

Maria has been pushed to the wayside once to often for her to have not been scarred by rejection and turmoil. She searches for love in every interaction, but only manages to set herself up for failure time and again. She’s a tad flighty, but with her back story, we easily forgive it.

Matthieu is successful and commanding and easily swayed me to like him when he reached out to Maria one night when he could tell she was upset. That night was meant to be a one night reprieve from the world, but she’s shortly searching him out to announce she’s pregnant.

I recommend this story to anyone looking for a fast paced story of a marriage between strangers that soon turns into forever. I quite enjoyed his character in particular.


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