* Review * FALLING AGAIN FOR THE SINGLE DAD by Juliette Hyland

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * FALLING AGAIN FOR THE SINGLE DAD by Juliette HylandFalling Again for the Single Dad by Juliette Hyland
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on September 1, 2020
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Fatherhood has changed him—

But can she risk her heart?

ER nurse Amara Patel is starting over. Running into her ex, physician Eli Collins, on her first day at Boston General throws a major wrench in the works! Because despite his still irrefutably sexy appearance, he’s not the Eli she remembers. He’s always put work first, but now that he’s bringing up his niece, everything’s changed—except his and Amara’s feelings for each other! Dare Amara allow herself a second chance at love?


A delightful second chance on love with intriguing characters, powerful back stories and tantalizing chemistry! Juliette Hyland quickly catches her reader’s attention with a reunion of college sweethearts who haven’t seen each other since their split a decade ago in FALLING AGAIN FOR THE SINGLE DAD. The characters were easy to like and the reunion uplifting but the real meat of the story was the turn of events that occurred in each of their lives that has shaped their future differently. I really enjoyed their story!

Amara Patel is a strong female lead with a dedication to nursing that serves her patients well. She’s never forgotten Eli, but she still isn’t sure that she can trust him to be invested in a relationship long term. She was a little less trusting than I thought he deserved, but I still liked her a lot.

Eli Collins is a sweetheart. He let the love of his life get away years ago and he regrets it to this day. When she steps back into his life as a colleague at the hospital, he sees it as his chance to right past wrongs, but he still has a tendency to get obsessed with being better.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys watching a couple reconcile and find their way to that ultimate happily ever after. The story line has a medical setting with a whole lot of feels in the mix!


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