* Review * GETTING DIRTY by Rachael Stewart

* Review * GETTING DIRTY by Rachael StewartGetting Dirty by Rachael Stewart
Published by Harlequin Dare on February 1, 2020
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A drop-dead sexy private investigator is about to discover that digging for dirt can expose some seriously naughty little secrets…in this sizzlingly wicked novel from author Rachael Stewart.

Being a private investigator means that if there’s dirt, I always find it. Only, right now “work” is sitting across from me—a naughty little princess in London’s most exclusive, extra-posh sex club. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted—and tried to avoid—for so long, from that haughty, elegant poise to those perfect lips. Only, socialite Coco Lauren isn’t my client. She’s my target.

I’ve been hired by Coco’s brother to find out all of her dirty little secrets. All it takes is one moment of weakness and I’m done for, just so I can hear her moan in my ear, taste her on my lips. She’s already getting under my skin, with her contrast of vulnerable innocent and hidden temptress who’s so ready to talk—and play—dirty.

Now I’m on the wrong side. I’m the bad guy. And every moment we’re tangled up together, things get more complicated. I don’t know where my deception starts and the ruined mess of my heart begins. We’ve gotten good and dirty, but I’m running out of options and time.

How do I tell Coco the truth…especially when coming clean means losing her?


GETTING DIRTY by Rachael Stewart is a fast paced story of forbidden delight! The characters are quick to connect and steam up the story with their instant attraction. I thoroughly enjoyed their connection and watching them fall for each other. I felt the ending lacked a little information, but overall I liked Coco and Ash a lot.

Ash is serious about his job and seems like a down-to-earth guy, but it doesn’t take long for his job to slip to the wayside when he gets to know the real Coco and fall for her. I liked him a lot even though he kept his secret too long.

Coco is easy to like. She’s going through an emotional turmoil and even though she’s painted as childish and wild, she actually has a heart of gold and I enjoyed getting to know her.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a heartfelt story with a lot of steamy goodness mixed in.


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