* Review * HARD FALL by Brenda Rothert and Kat Mizera

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HARD FALL by Brenda Rothert and Kat MizeraHard Fall by Brenda Rothert, Kat Mizera
Series: St. Louis Mavericks Hockey #1
Published by Silver Sky Publishing, Inc. on September 14, 2021
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The St. Louis Mavericks are having the best season in team history. On pace for a pro hockey record, the unexpected death of their captain and star player knocks them off course in ways they never expected.


My world was turned upside down the day Ben Whitmer died. Best friends since junior hockey, Ben was like a brother to me. My voice of reason and a grounding force on and off the ice. But as heartbroken as I am, I don’t have the luxury of grieving his loss.

Not only do I have to hold our team together, I was named guardian of the two young children Ben and his wife left behind. Well, not just me—me and his wife’s best friend, Hadley. We’ve been left with the impossible task of deciding which of us will raise the kids, but there’s no way I’m letting that uptight ball buster have them.

Lines are drawn, but they begin to blur as I find out there’s more to Hadley than I thought. A lot more.


I can’t take the place of my beautiful best friend in her children’s lives. But I love them so fiercely that I’ll do whatever it takes to raise them the way their parents wanted.

Wes Kirby is an obnoxious womanizer, and I won’t let him take Ben and Lauren’s children from me. Deciding to temporarily live together in our friends’ home, we attempt to provide the kids stability while we figure out which of us is better suited to raising them.

As we learn parenthood together, my enemy Wes slowly becomes something different. Something more. And I’m left wondering not only if I’m enough for the kids, but if Wes and I are enough to last.


Emotionally riveting! Brenda Rothert and Kat Mizera are bringing on all the feels with the first book in their St. Louis Mavericks hockey series. In HARD FALL an unlikely pair are brought together by the death of their best friends and the joined responsibility of the left behind kiddos. Highly emotional and full of heart!

Weston is an all around good guy who’s left in the difficult position of having to pick up the pieces of a family and a hockey team who are floundering after the loss of their leader. He’s willing to put forth the effort to get things on an even keel, but he’s just not the man they want to see standing in front of them.

Hadley is tough. She doesn’t like Wes and isn’t going to pretend like she does, but she adores these kids and will live and breath to make sure they are taken care of. Watching her have to interact with Wes is amusing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of heartache and drama mixed in with your sports romance. The characters are attention grabbing and the angst is high.


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