* Review * HER KNIGHT UNDER THE MISTLETOE by Annie O’NeilHer Knight Under the Mistletoe by Annie O'Neil
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on December 1, 2017
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All the single mom wants for Christmas…

London ER doctor Matthew Chase is shocked that his new role has become a job share with Dr. Amanda Wakehurst—the last woman he expected to see again.

Matthew is also unaware he’s the father of her little boy, until Tristan is critically injured. Yet Matthew is there to support Amanda in her hour of need, and he proves how much he wants to be Tristan’s dad. Dare she hope he still wants her, too? Being together as a family this Christmas would be her ultimate gift…


An unexpected reunion leads to a happy ending by all! Two hearts tainted by guilt help each other see another version of the lives they have lived and work towards healing each other. The characters draw us in and keep our attention and the story line, though lagging a tad, is satisfying.

Dr. Matthew Chase is shocked to learn he’s going to be job sharing the Director position he thought was already his! Will finding out who his competition is improve his mood?

Dr. Amanda Wakehurst also thought she was a shoe-in for the position, but now is finding out it’s not exactly hers yet … and worse, her competitor is unknowingly the father of her son! As they work closely together and begin to reconnect on a friendly level, she tries to find the words to tell him about their son, when a medical emergency forces her hand and leaves him reeling from the shock! Will he welcome his ready-made family with open arms or will they decide to part ways and remember each other fondly?


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