* Review * HOUSEWIFE CHRONICLES II by Jennifer Snow

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HOUSEWIFE CHRONICLES II by Jennifer SnowHousewife Chronicles II by Jennifer Snow
Series: Housewife Chronicles Series #2
Published by Jennifer Snow on August 12, 2021
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Last year’s neighborhood scandal should have been the most intriguing, but when her editor dies a mysterious death, bestselling author, Grace Lee decides to switch genres from relationship dramas to thrillers. Drawing inspiration from real life has always been her thing and she’s at risk of losing her publishing contract if the words don’t start flowing soon.But when she disappears down a rabbit hole of research into the deceased woman’s past, reality becomes much more complicated than the fictionalized story she’s attempting to tell. When her editor’s death is deemed a murder and Grace is the only suspect, her time is running out to unravel the clues in this real life mystery. With her career and freedom on the line Grace and the housewives once again set out to prove that murder is not part of their weekly coffee group.


Those lovably, quirky housewives are back and trouble is once again nipping at their heals! With the second book in her Housewife Chronicles series Jennifer Snow is mixing a cozy mystery with a unique rom com style to hook her reader and it was a fun journey!

Grace has decided to take a sharp turn career wise when the sudden death of her editor stirs a thriller seed in her writer’s block frozen brain and sets her off on a journey that turns into much more than she expected.

Lucy is Grace’s new editor and has secrets just below the surface that are going to blow the plot wide open once Grace gets in the mix of this mystery.

I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys comedy mixed with intrigue and romance.


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