* Review * LOSING CONTROL by Rachael Stewart

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * LOSING CONTROL by Rachael StewartLosing Control by Rachael Stewart
Published by Harlequin Dare on September 1, 2020
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I was always the black sheep of my family. My father blatantly favoring my brother in our family’s business empire was the last straw. I had to leave, even if that meant deserting the love of my life, Alexa. What I didn’t expect was for her to betray me, too…by falling into the arms of my brother.

Now my brother and father have died in an accident, and Alexa is leading our family business during the crisis. Having made my own billions, I finally have the chance to return and claim what’s rightly mine—the family business and the woman who traded me for it.

But my revenge is derailed by the raging chemistry between me and Alexa, which is hotter than ever before. Working side by side with her, I struggle to control my feelings—and then I discover a secret that sheds new light on Alexa’s betrayal. But even if I bring myself to forgive her, is it too late to try again?


A passionate reunion filled with emotion, angst and oh so many feels! LOSING CONTROL by Rachael Stewart brings so many feelings to the surface you won’t know which way to turn for a bit. There’s abandonment, loss and betrayal but behind it all there’s a steadfast love that never died and a sweet future just waiting to be lived. I really enjoyed their story!

Cain O’Conner is a joy to read. He’s self-assured, but beneath it all he’s that son still blighting from the feeling of never matching up to his perfect brother. He never expected that his first trip home after walking away from them all years ago would be for the dual funeral of his father and brother.

Alexa is easy enough to like, but there was a small part of me that was annoyed with how she handled the years after Cain left her. I understood her pain and despair, but I wanted her to pick up the pieces and actually live her life faster. Now that he’s returned, the flair of attraction is raging and secrets are about to be uncovered.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a romance filled with sensuous attraction but also mixed with a lot of emotion and heart.


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