* Review * OUT OF THE SHADOW by Arell Rivers

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * OUT OF THE SHADOW by Arell RiversOut of the Shadow by Arell Rivers
Series: The Hunte Family Series #2
Published by Tarnished Halo Publishing LLC on September 14, 2019
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All’s fair in love, war…and reality TV

Nothing ever came easy to Angie Russo. Hard work, loyalty, and sheer grit made her the kick-ass realtor she is today. But when her best still isn’t good enough, Angie decides to try something different. Maybe a stint on the new real estate reality show can give her the notoriety she needs to push her firm to #1. Her chances of winning the show’s prize are high…until she meets the entitled, cavalier, and all-too-sexy jerk she’s competing against.

Angie’s big chance is King Hunte’s rock bottom. He screwed up big, and he needs money fast. The silly real estate competition should be a breeze to win. Or, at least it would be, if not for the sassy, determined, and ridiculously desirable Angie. King’s suddenly forced to work harder than he ever has, and he’s shocked to find that he actually enjoys it…almost as much as he savors the combustible chemistry he shares with his prickly co-star.

Just as Angie discovers there’s more to King than meets the eye, King realizes Angie could be the key to the life he’s always secretly wanted. When a ghost from the past emerges to threaten their future together, Angie and King must overcome the obstacles the show—and life—throw at them, or see their shot at love end before the first commercial break.


OUT OF THE SHADOW is book two in The Hunte Family series by Arell Rivers and centers around a realtor out to make her mark in the world and the son of rock royalty who has to learn to live in the real world for a change in this delightful enemies to lovers story.

For anyone who read the first book in the series, you will recognize King as rocker Braxton Hunte’s son, all grown up and entitled. He quickly showed his spoiled side and we had to really dislike him at first, but as time goes by he begins to emerge as his own person and steps outside of the stigma he immersed himself in for so many years.

Angie steps into the scene as strong willed, yet broken from the start. We know she has a heartbreak she’s trying to overcome, but we’re not sure exactly how it all went down for awhile. I liked Angie, but I also felt like she was too entrenched in the past.

I recommend this book to anyone loving a rediscovery from two broken souls. I’ll admit, after falling for Braxton in the first book of the series I wasn’t a huge fan of the bad light this book put him into for most of the time, but I did see King’s side of things too. I’m looking forward to more in the series!


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