I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * PLAYING THE BILLIONAIRE’S GAME by Pippa RoscoePlaying the Billionaire's Game by Pippa Roscoe
Published by Harlequin Presents on November 1, 2020
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“You’re playing a dangerous game.”

But is she playing for business…or pleasure?

Fourteen days. That’s how long exiled duke Sebastian gives art valuer Sia Keating to try to prove he stole a famous painting. Once she has proof, she’ll demand her job back! She’s worked too hard to build her reputation and throw off her father’s corrupt shadow. She won’t go down without a fight.

But having complete access to his life doesn’t mean Sia can breach the gap Sebastian keeps between himself and the world. That’s something only embracing their dangerous attraction can do…


A quirky take on an enemies to lovers romance that will have you intrigued! PLAYING THE BILLIONAIRE’S GAME by Pippa Roscoe begins a bit slow, but as we become entrenched into the background of both characters, things get real rather quickly and the pace picks up. I enjoyed their connection!

Sia is a complex character. She’s worked hard to overcome her father’s reputation in the art industry to carve out a place of her own, but the games being played are threatening the life she’s built for herself and she’s not going to stand for it.

Sebastian has a kind heart. He didn’t mean to bring Sia down with his plan for justice, but he can’t undo what’s been done without hurting other people he cares about. I enjoyed watching them find their way through it all to come out on the other side.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys art and romance. The characters are intriguing and the story line is fresh.


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