* Review * ROCK ME SLOWER by Jenna Jacob

* Review * ROCK ME SLOWER by Jenna JacobRock Me Slower by Jenna Jacob
Series: Licks Of Leather #3
Published by Dream Words, LLC on April 21, 2020
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I command the keyboard,

but the only woman to command my heart is back…

bigger, badder, and more beautiful than ever.

Ozzy Page has it all—fame, fans, and a fortune too massive to spend. As keyboard player for renowned rock group Licks of Leather, he’s on top of the charts—and the world. But living his dream cost him the only woman he ever loved. His secret fling with Mia Harris was consuming and intense—and crushing when she used him to springboard her career. Seven years after their devastating breakup, watching her rise up the charts—on her new rock star lover’s back—has nearly destroyed his heart all over again.

Mia Harris didn’t curl up and die when Ozzy Page chose his career over their love. Like her namesake, she rose from the ashes and reinvented herself as Phoenix, the sultry-voiced siren taking the male-dominated rock scene by storm. But when her personal life goes to hell, their mutual agent blindsides Mia with the news that she and Ozzy will be touring together for six long, close-quarter months.

Will they finally learn to understand and forgive each other…or will their unforgettable longing end in flames?


A rock star reunion! With book three in her Licks of Leather series Jenna Jacobs brings us the secrets behind Ozzy’s angst in ROCK ME SLOWER. I’m loving getting to know the guys of this band and Ozzy has always been intriguing, so hearing about the past that won’t let him go is attention grabbing from the start. The ending was a bit abrupt, but I enjoyed their story a lot.

Ozzy Page grabs a reader’s heart quickly when we realize the pain he’s been holding near and dear to his heart for the years since he walked away from his one true love. He might be living a rock stars dream, but his heart hasn’t forgotten what it once had.

Mia Harris is hard to pin down at first. We sort of like her, but we don’t think much of her attitude in how it all ended with Ozzy, but then we start to learn some of her background and she starts to redeem herself somewhat.

I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys watching a low key rock n roll band overlook their stardom to accept love with open arms when it crosses their path. These characters are endearing and I’m looking forward to more to come.


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