* Review * TAMING REID by J. Margot Critch

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * TAMING REID by J. Margot CritchTaming Reid by J. Margot Critch
Series: Miami Heat #1
Published by Harlequin Dare on June 1, 2020
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In a city where the air seems to breathe desire, Lila Campbell is taking matters into her own hands. She’ll tame Reid Rexford—one wild, wicked night at a time. The first book of J. Margot Critch’s Miami Heat miniseries.

Influencer Lila Campbell works damn hard to make her life look easy—posh celebrity-filled parties, luxe hotels, exotic travel and a following of millions. One public mistake could implode everything she’s built. Which is exactly why Lila shouldn’t be tempted by a mouthwateringly gorgeous stranger in Miami’s South Beach. Bad idea. Bad, bad…and too deliciously good to resist.

It’s just for tonight. Just long enough to put Lila in the world’s most compromising position when she finds out that her dishy one-nighter is Reid Rexford. Co-owner of one of the most sought-after rum distilleries in Florida—and a businessman whose ice-cold professionalism is the only thing that can control the smoldering heat when their bodies touch…

Reid doesn’t trust easily. And he sure as hell doesn’t buy into the idea that Lila has the power to turn Rexford Rum into an overnight success. He’s the sexiest, most stubbornly infuriating man Lila’s ever met. And she’s hooked.


What a scrumptious ride! With the first book in her brand new Miami Heat series J. Margot Critch brings the heat for sure when a one night stand leads to over and over again when blogger/influencer Lila connects on an all too sinful level with the king of rum Reid. Their story is fast paced and impossible to put down. I can’t wait to see what’s next in the series!

Reid Rexford is straight-laced and all about business … until a one night fling turns into forever! The past makes it hard for him to trust, but Lila has a way of easing her way into his heart and before he knows it their pillow talk is spilling things no one else knows.

Lila Campbell is delightful. She knows what she wants in life and is going after it full steam ahead, but meeting Reid makes her question whether he could be the beacon of home she’s been searching for.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a passion filled game of give and take until they can’t resist pledging their hearts forever.


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