* Review * TEMPTING THE ENEMY by JC Harroway

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * TEMPTING THE ENEMY by JC HarrowayTempting the Enemy by JC Harroway
Series: Billionaire Bedmates #2
Published by Harlequin Dare on May 25, 2021
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These enemies don’t just turn up the heat—they’re about to set everything ablaze! Sterling Lombard’s plans for business rival Ava Hamilton are positively sinful in the sexy final installment of the Billionaire Bedmates duet from bestselling author JC Harroway.

Billionaire Sterling Lombard is about to make the biggest mistake he’s ever made—underestimating me. He’s beyond rich. He’s beyond powerful. And he’s the hottest man in Manhattan. But buying out my family’s company, my last remaining link to the loved ones I’ve lost? I’ll fight him with everything in me…despite having already botched our first meeting.

Instead of convincing him with my savvy business acumen, my libido took charge and seduced Mr. Lombard out of his ten-thousand-dollar suit. Now that he knows who I really am—and what I want from him—he isn’t about to let me off the hook.

It turns out he has a serious taste for revenge. He’s not shy about using it to make my blood boil—and my body sing with pleasure. So now I’m working for a ruthless businessman whom I crave with reckless defiance. But the only thing more dangerous than hating a man who’s hell-bent on getting vengeance…is falling in love with him.


A delectable enemies to lovers bombshell! With the second half of her Billionaire Bedmates duet JC Harroway delights with a passionate encounter that leads to all the feels in TEMPTING THE ENEMY. The characters were attention grabbing, their plight was sincere and their connection was more than they ever expected.

Ava steals a readers heart quickly with how personal this business dealing is to her. She’s undeniably tempted by him, but she has so much at stake.

Sterling has been a mystery since his ex-wife Monroe’s story so I was pleased to get to know him and his side of parts of their history. I enjoyed him a lot.

I recommend this book and the entire duet to anyone who enjoys a fast paced sensual story filled with angst, passion and happily ever afters.


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