* Review * THE GREEK’S OUTRAGEOUS MARRIAGE DEAL by Rachael ThomasThe Greek's Outrageous Marriage Deal by Rachael Thomas
on January 29, 2021
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A deal to reclaim his wife…

Becomes so much more!

When Athena returns to their marital home in Crete, billionaire Kostas Kyriakou seizes the opportunity to reunite with his wife and have an heir for the empire he has created from nothing. It’s the only deal he’s prepared to consider. After all, heady passion and hot desire had never been lacking in their short marriage.

Athena has promised her father, who is again battling illness, that she will return to Athens with her estranged husband. Seeing the man she’d loved so completely, and hearing his outrageous demands to have his child, forces her to face all the pain and heartache of losing her mother as a young girl.

Time together, acting out a marriage reunited, brings back all that explosive passion, but can they truly share who they are this time and mend the marriage for real?


An reunion when they least expect it! THE GREEK’S OUTRAGEOUS MARRIAGE DEAL by Rachael Thomas brings a wife back to her husband’s door when she needs to reunite their marriage for most important reasons. I liked the premise of the storyline quite a bit, but I needed more … more emotion, more back story, more overall depth including a look into the gorgeous countryside they were surrounded by. Overall a satisfying love story.

Athena is made out to be a fairly gullible character who believed gossip about her husband and chose to walk away … but we’re not given enough back story into how her source duped her to know if she’s fully redeemable or not.

Kostas is strong-willed but loyal and easy to like. I would have liked to have known more about his past, but I liked him as a whole.


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