* Review * TRYING TO SCORE by Kendall Ryan

* Review * TRYING TO SCORE by Kendall RyanTrying to Score by Kendall Ryan
Series: Hot Jocks #3
on November 12, 2019
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Teddy King excels at many things. Playing hockey. Check. Scoring on and off the ice. Check. Being stupidly attractive ... Double check.

I knew him way back when. Before he was the guy everyone wanted a piece of, he was just a rebellious college co-ed and one of my more energetic study partners.

But secrets have a way of getting out, and a steamy encounter from our college days (that we probably shouldn't have filmed) is about to cause a major scandal. Unless we can work together to stop it.

Teddy’s no stranger to hard work … but the thing he wants most?

Is me.


With book three in her ever-steamy Hot Jocks series, Kendall Ryan brings us TRYING TO SCORE centering around Teddy and Sara. A playboy pro hockey player takes on his college love turned legal shark when secrets from the past come back to haunt them in this fun reunion story!

Sara has got it going on with a strong handle on her career and no need for a man to complete her, but watching her crumble when she’s near Teddy and remembering their time together years ago is pretty sweet.

Teddy of course has the over inflated ego that comes with the territory of being a pro athlete, but when his concern and despair for Sara comes out over a screw up he made that has put her in jeopardy, he endears himself in a reader’s heart … even if he did a jerky thing!

Really enjoyed this story and the series as a whole. I recommend it to anyone loving a fast paced, highly entertaining story filled with sexy romance, laughs and goodhearted people.


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