* Review * UNDERCOVER ACCOMPLICE by Carol Ericson

* Review * UNDERCOVER ACCOMPLICE by Carol EricsonUndercover Accomplice by Carol Ericson
Series: Red, White and Built: Delta Force Deliverance #2
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on December 1, 2019
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He needed someone by his side.

Someone he could trust.

A terrorist attack is looming, and Delta Force soldier Hunter Mancini must team up with CIA operative Sue Chandler—again. Their mission: find and stop a radical group before it obtains and detonates a nuclear weapon. But as disaster threatens, Sue reveals a secret even this action-hardened warrior couldn’t imagine. Now with everything on the line, getting the job done is the top priority. Not that Hunter is about to forget the truths Sue has been hiding for far too long…


Could answers be just around the corner? With the second book in her Red, White and Built: Delta Force Deliverance series, Carol Ericson takes us on quite the ride with UNDERCOVER ACCOMPLICE. The characters have a previous connection that heightens the tension when they are thrown together to find answers of who’s behind all of the subterfuge before they and those they care about are taken down.

Sue is complex. We want to like her because she appears to be on the good side and is fighting hard against corruption, but on the flip side, she’s taken her lies and secrecy a step too far.

I adored Hunter. From the first time he steps into a scene he portrays a strong, caring man who will not let anything happen to those he cares about if he can at all help it. He’s thrown for a loop with some of the info he learns, but he is still kindhearted enough to listen and try to understand before he reacts.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an intense suspense story with an underlying romantic connection going on. I’m enjoying this series so far and can’t wait to see what we find out in the end.


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