* Review * KEEPING HER SEAL by Kat Cantrell

Persistence pays off in Kat Cantrell's latest installment in the ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights series! His former SEAL team buddies give Jace Custer a hard time about what a player he is, but little do they know the love' em and leave 'em king has done an about face over the last few months! He's … [Continue reading]

* Review * DOWN HOME COWBOY by Maisey Yates

Maisey Yates has outdone herself with this tale of second chances! We're familiar with the characters from previous books  in the Copper Ridge series, and watching Cain & Alison overcome their own issues to finally meet in the middle is giving us all the feels! Single dad Cain Donnelly can't … [Continue reading]

* Review * MARRIAGE CONFIDENTIAL by Debra Webb & Regan Black

An addictive read! Desperate measures have her reaching out to an old friend for help. They race against the clock to find out who is setting her up … [Continue reading]

* Review * HOT VELOCITY by Elle James

Mysteries are unraveled and danger continues to mount as we take another delve into the mysteries surrounding Elle James's Ballistic Cowboys series. … [Continue reading]

* Review * MISCONDUCT by Samantha Kane

Another sexy menage is breaking out in the Birmingham Rebels NFL crowd! There's something about the water at this training facility I think ... … [Continue reading]

* Blog Tour / Book Review * LOST AND FOUND SISTERS by Jill Shalvis

Adorably laugh-out-loud funny, emotionally raw and heartwarmingly REAL! With a roller coaster of life handing out a little more than the average gal … [Continue reading]

* Review * A BRIDE, A BARN, AND A BABY by Nancy Robards Thompson

Delightful! Two friends, one booze filled night and .... congratulations, you're pregnant! The latest in Nancy Robards Thompson's Celebration, TX … [Continue reading]

* Review * POLICE PROTECTOR by Elizabeth Heiter

Danger strikes when she least expects it! Yet again Shaye Mallory finds herself dodging for cover as someone comes out of the woodwork and starts … [Continue reading]

* Review * WEDDING NIGHT WITH HER ENEMY by Melanie Milburne

From blackmail ... to love?? Melanie Milburne's latest takes us on a dash towards happily ever after for the couple who have denied their connection … [Continue reading]


Two wounded souls collide and make for a gorgeously sweet romance! One grew up too fast with loads of responsibility, the other overcame adversity to … [Continue reading]