** Review ** TEMPTING THE BEST MAN Tanya Michaels

A sexy case of an opposites attract reunion!  The characters are fun and draw you into the story from the start.  Lots of steamy sexual chemistry with a side of sweetness as they bring out the best in each other and learn how to co-mingle without sticking their foot in their mouth! College … [Continue reading]

** Review ** A DEAL FOR THE DI SIONE RING Jennifer Hayward

As we continue on the Di Sione journey, Jennifer Hayward brings us Nate's story!  We are drawn in immediately with the drama of the story, and it's a quick read throughout because you don't want to put it down.  A quickie wedding of convenience, an innocent bride, bruised hearts from past rejection … [Continue reading]

** Review ** TURQUOISE GUARDIAN Jenna Kernan

With the first book in her Tribal Thunder spin-off of her Apache Protectors series, Jenna Kernan takes us right back into the heart of crime in or … [Continue reading]

** Review ** SOMEONE LIKE YOU Lauren Layne

Two wounded souls, past memories and heartache keep holding them hostage  ...  until their eyes meet across a room and a true connection is made. … [Continue reading]

** Review ** ON THE LINE Victoria Denault

Sexy, sweet and explosive!  With the next in her Hometown Players hockey series, Victoria Denault brings us golden boy Avery Westwood's story. … [Continue reading]


A compelling reunion story!  Enjoyable characters and an ending that was more than we could hope for when they first reconnected!  Looking forward to … [Continue reading]


A super quick novella filled with an adorable reunion story!  It's sweet, it's satisfying, and it's sexy! Successful London chef, Carly de Luca is … [Continue reading]

** Review ** THE COWBOY SEAL’S JINGLE BELL BABY Laura Marie Altom

An interesting plot centering around a subject that isn't touched on too much in romance novels ... whether to give your baby up for adoption or not. … [Continue reading]

** Review ** THE BABY PROPOSAL Andrea Laurence

The latest from Andrea Laurence brings a familiar face.  We previously met Kalani Bishop as a side note of his brother Mano's story when we vacationed … [Continue reading]

** Review ** THE PREGNANCY PROJECT Kat Cantrell

With the next book in her Love and Lipstick series, Kat Cantrell brings us Harper's story, and it's a fun one!  It's a friends-to-lovers story with … [Continue reading]