* Review * THE NANNY ARRANGEMENT by Rachel Harris

The ultimate friends to lovers romance! Such a sweet story! Lots of angst, some sweet friendship and surprise chemistry between them makes for a fun story. A quick and easy read. There wasn't a lot to do with the actual band performing, etc. but it was a whirlwind of a book regardless! Reformed … [Continue reading]

* Review * HEALING THE SHEIKH’S HEART by Annie O’Neil

Annie O'Neil pulls at our heartstrings with her latest medical romance! A brooding father, a precocious little girl and a life-scarred doctor connect and find their lives changing forever! The characters could have used a little more time together once they realized how they felt, but overall I … [Continue reading]

* Review * DEVIL’S OWN by Megan Crane

Megan Crane has a way with words that has us sensing the menace rolling off of the skin of each and every one of the guys in this series, yet with the … [Continue reading]

* Review * TRYING IT ALL by Christi Barth

I always enjoy my visits with The Naked Men! :)  With the fourth book in this series, we get Riley Ness' story. He's super serious and rigid, but we … [Continue reading]

* Review * THE WARRIOR’S WAY by Jenna Kernan

With the final book in her Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder series, Jenna Kernan takes us for a wild ride with Jack Bear Den's story! We have seen … [Continue reading]

* Review * XENAKIS’S CONVENIENT BRIDE by Dani Collins

With the second book in The Secret Billionaire's trio, Dani Collins brings us the story of Stavros Xenakis. He's damaged and bitter, but meeting Calli … [Continue reading]

* Review * CRAVE ME by Stacey Lynn

A sensual exploration of BDSM, an unorthodox second-chance romance and a sweet against-all-odds love story, all rolled into one! There was just … [Continue reading]

* Review * SOUTHERN SECRETS by Susan Carlisle

A great sexy and sweet novella from the Magnolias and Moonshine series! It's fast paced, easy to follow and enjoy ... the characters are down to earth … [Continue reading]

* Review * SCORE by Victoria Denault

A great kick-off to a new hockey series by Victoria Denault! I enjoyed the characters and the plot a lot ... there was a slight disconnect … [Continue reading]

* Blog Tour / Book Review * FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN by Kristina Knight

Sometimes what we go searching for has been right in front of us the whole time! A sweet story of finding a sense of belonging even when life doesn't … [Continue reading]