* Review * PENALTY PLAY by Jami Davenport

  Opposites attract ... and steam up the house!! It's always a pleasure to start a new Seattle Sockeyes book, but this one was even a little more sweet than usual. It has the forbidden aspect of having him fall for a bad girl type instead of the straight-laced wholesome woman his head wants … [Continue reading]

* Review * CALL TO REDEMPTION by Tawny Weber

  Instant attraction, sizzling chemistry and a steamy vacation fling! With the next book in her Team Poseidon series, Tawny Weber does not disappoint! Nic and Darby are a joy to read, and when real life comes out to play, they must find their way through a dangerous situation in order to … [Continue reading]

* Review * A GIFT FOR SANTA by Beth Carpenter

  An endearing Christmas romance! With the second book in her Northern Lights series, Beth Carpenter delights us again with a touching story … [Continue reading]

* Review * TORRID LITTLE AFFAIR by Kendall Ryan

  Sizzling chemistry, hot sex and deep emotional connections! With book three in the Forbidden Desires series, we get Cooper's story. We met … [Continue reading]

* Review * COWBOY’S LEGACY by B.J. Daniels

  Gone in the blink of an eye! Family and friends rally around the Sheriff when the light of his life suddenly disappears. The core characters … [Continue reading]

* Blog Tour / Review * SO OVER YOU by Kate Meader

  A powerful hockey team in the making! With the 2nd book in her Chicago Rebels hockey series, Kate Meader continues to bring us the story of … [Continue reading]

* Review * SUGARPLUM WAY by Debbie Mason

  A whimsical holiday romance! The characters are fun and easy to like and the adorable children in the book bring lots of smiles and laughs … [Continue reading]

* Review * VAN by Sawyer Bennett

  A cold-as-ice hockey god meets his match! This story is a bit unorthodox in that a good portion of the beginning of the book is already … [Continue reading]

* Review * DIRTY LITTLE PROMISE by Kendall Ryan

  Angst filled drama with a boat load of steaminess! When we left off from the first book in the Forbidden Desires series, we were left with a … [Continue reading]


  Sexy, sweet and tension filled! If you've been reading along with the Christmas in Manhattan series at all, you will recognize the Davenport … [Continue reading]