* Review * A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS by Jennifer Snow

  A sweet small town holiday romance! A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS is the second book in Jennifer Snow's Blue Moon Bay series and brings together the town's favorite baker and a returning favorite son during the build up to the holiday season. The characters make a really cute couple and are fun to … [Continue reading]

* Review * SHY INNOCENT IN THE SPOTLIGHT by Melanie Milburne

  A twin-swap sets the stage for romance! Melanie Milburne weaves a delectable tale with the first book in her Scandalous Campbell Sisters duet and I was hooked throughout. While there wasn't a huge amount of relationship development in SHY INNOCENT IN THE SPOTLIGHT, the storyline dove into … [Continue reading]

* Review * INMATE OF THE MONTH by Lani Lynn Vale

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* Review * BAILEY by Jessica Ames

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* Review * KEEP ME WARM AT CHRISTMAS by Brenda Novak

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* Review * OVER THE FLAMES by Nichole Severn

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* Review * REAWAKENED AT THE SOUTH POLE by Juliette Hyland

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* Release Blast/Review * RUNNING ON DIESEL by Melissa Foster

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