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* Review * BRATVA SWEETHEART by Sabine Barclay

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BRATVA SWEETHEART by Sabine BarclayBratva Sweetheart by Sabine Barclay
Series: The Ivankov Brotherhood #2
Published by Oliver Heber Books on August 9, 2022
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She thought it was only for one night…

I’ve never let anyone into my life.

At least not like her. Not until her.

She sees a side of me that isn’t the bratva monster everyone else believes.

Now that she knows, she’s mine.

Mine to keep and protect. Mine to please. In return, it’s her love I crave. She’s my soulmate.

Every kiss, every touch will take her to her limits, and I’ll be the one to catch her.


Steamy and addictive! The second book in The Ivankov Brotherhood series brings just as much power and intrigue as the first with a sweet, yet sensual as all get out connection between Bogdan and Tina. I really enjoy the core cast in this series and I see potential for greatness as their stories unravel, but I do have to admit to disappointment to a good bit of the same kink from book one to book two and it just felt overdone. I want the steam, the connection, the passionate rawness of them … but I don’t want a repeat book after book of same nicknames, actions and habits. I’m crossing my fingers and planning to go in for book three, but it’s more of the same again I’ll probably admit defeat and look elsewhere.

I recommend this book and the entire series so far to anyone that enjoys a very steamy mafia romance with equal parts raw affection and dangerous liaisons.


* Review * HIDDEN BONES by Rita Herron

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HIDDEN BONES by Rita HerronHidden Bones by Rita Herron
Series: Detective Ellie Reeves #6
Published by Bookouture on August 8, 2022
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The girl trips over branches, losing her footing. The darkness swallows her and she grabs thin air as she falls, her scream piercing the night. When she slams into the bottom of the pit, her heart hammers. She can’t believe what she’s seeing—a pile of perfect white bones…

In the small town of Crooked Creek, where the Appalachian Mountains climb into the clouds, nineteen-year-old Mandy’s Spring Break takes a sinister turn. Detective Ellie Reeves races straight to the scene, driving through the winding roads to the abandoned orphanage.

Ellie saves the teenage girl but discovers human remains that have been there for thirty years, ever since the home for children closed down. Her heart shatters at the thought that they might belong to the helpless orphans.

Working day and night on the case, Ellie searches for the orphanage’s files, but they have been stolen—somebody is clearly trying to cover their tracks. As she interviews the residents of the mountain community, Ellie finds out that almost everyone connected to the children’s home has disappeared.

Then a woman is found dead, her body marked with a strange symbol. When Ellie learns that the victim used to work at the orphanage, it’s clear that a twisted killer is trying to stop the truth coming out.

Ellie vows to solve this case that spans decades and, when her research into the meaning of the symbol leads her to a local business at the heart of recent controversy, she’s on the right track. Can she bring the secrets to light before another innocent person is murdered? And when she gets too close to uncovering the truth, will she survive?


Chilling suspense and drama! With the sixth book in the Detective Ellie Reeves series we join forces with Ellie once again as she tries to figure out the intricate puzzle terrorizing her small town of Crooked Creek, Georgia. I wasn’t quite as entrenched in this story as I have been ones earlier in the series and to be quite honest the cat and mouse unrequited (or is it?) love triangle between Ellie, Cord and Derrick is getting a bit old, but the overall mystery and storytelling was rich in fear. I look forward to more to come in the series to uncover remaining feelings and secrets.

Ellie is a complex character to dig your teeth into. While this book can be a stand alone, you’ll enjoy this series much more if you read along in order and learn all of the groundwork that has been laid earlier on for all of the repeat characters. Enjoy the journey!

I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone that enjoys a mystery rich in terror and intrigue with a cast of characters who all have secrets to unravel along the way.