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* Review * SEVEN GIRLS GONE by Allison Brennan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SEVEN GIRLS GONE by Allison BrennanSeven Girls Gone by Allison Brennan
Series: A Quinn & Costa Thriller #4
Published by MIRA on April 25, 2023
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When nobody will talk and corruption runs deep, turning to outsiders is the only way to make sure women stop disappearing…

For three years, women have been going missing—and eventually turning up dead in the small bayou town of St. Augustine, Louisiana. Police detective Beau Hebert is the only one who seems to care, but with every witness quickly silenced and a corrupt police department set on keeping the cases unsolved, Beau’s investigation stalls at every turn.

With nobody else to trust, Beau calls in a favor from his friend on the FBI’s Mobile Response Team. While LAPD detective Kara Quinn works undercover to dig into the women’s murders and team leader Matt Costa officially investigates the in-custody death of a witness, Beau might finally have a chance at solving the case.

But in a town where everyone knows everyone, talking gets you killed and secrets stay buried, it’s going to take the entire team working around the clock to unravel the truth. Especially when they discover that the deep-seated corruption and the deadly drug-trafficking ring at the center of it all extends far beyond the small-town borders.


Gritty, raw and seductive! Secrets unravel as danger lurks in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou in Allison Brennan’s latest Quinn and Costa thriller and I was hooked from the very first page! We are quickly thrust into a case of lust, corruption and murder that has detective Beau Hebert calling in the big guns, namely his old service buddy who happens to be an integral part of the FBI Mobile Response Team.

Multiple cases bring various witnesses and players into the story line but the integral part of the story revolves around Beau, the FBI team and the hot spot where all of the crime in town seems to center around. Brennan brings forth a lot of heart into her characters and laying the back drop of this downtrodden situation. I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that enjoys a thriller that will keep you guessing while you are also invested in the outcome of this team of law enforcement and the drama that every day life throws at them.


* Review * TEXAS RANCH TARGET by Virginia Vaughan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * TEXAS RANCH TARGET by Virginia VaughanTexas Ranch Target by Virginia Vaughan
Series: Cowboy Protectors #2
Published by Love Inspired Suspense on April 25, 2023
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Somebody wants her dead…
But they'll have to go through him first.

After his client is murdered, security expert Brett Harmon plans to lie low at his family’s ranch—until he comes across an injured woman in the road. With only Brett’s business card in her pocket and no memory of her attack, Jaycee Richmond turns to her rescuer for answers. But when their search reveals a deadly connection, can Brett protect her from a killer she can’t remember?


Filled with intrigue and danger! The second book in Virginia Vaughan’s Cowboy Protector’s series is a top notch addition to the series with unputdownable mystery and hints of romance. Their relationship really didn’t have time to be developed fully amid all of the drama of the danger knocking at their door throughout, but they felt connected none-the-less and it made for a very enjoyable read.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that loves intrigue mixed with a touch of romance while their faith is freely talked about. I’m looking forward to more to come in the series!


* Review * SINFUL BEATS by Arell Rivers

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SINFUL BEATS by Arell RiversSinful Beats by Arell Rivers
Series: Untamed Coaster #1, Sins of the Fathers and Untamed Coaster Crossover
Published by Tarnished Halo Publishing LLC on March 30, 2023
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The line between secrets and sins can be razor thin…


I want to make movies that document drama. But in my personal life? I have zero tolerance for it.

So, I intend to keep my gnarly family history to myself. Forever.

Besides, my dream job—making a rockumentary about Untamed Coaster—just fell into my lap and nothing is going to distract me.

Not even my alarmingly sexy Scottish neighbor…


Gold diggers are everywhere. I learned this lesson the hard way and now keep my family’s fortunes hidden.

So, love and romance aren’t for me. Not anymore.

My brand and upcoming launch party are what matter now. I can’t let anything ruin them.

Not even my very inconvenient (and damn near overwhelming) attraction to the girl next door.

As our relationship intensifies and the launch approaches, I have to divulge my truths. But it’s never the right time. When the beats leading up to discovery run out, our pasts collide in a shocking way.


There is so much to love about this story! Arell Rivers is kicking off a brand new series with a bit of a cross-over from a family her fans will recognize well, but the heart of this series is based on a band who had their world ripped out from under them and how they pick up the pieces after. There’s a brooding Scottish distiller that totally stole the show as well! I loved every minute of Quinn and Callum’s story and I can’t wait for more to come from the Untamed Coaster band!

Angst is a large part of the back story of this series, but heart and fortitude to honor shines brightly with this band.

Quinn will be familiar to fans of Rivers’ Sins of the Father series and in all honesty I didn’t go into this book absolutely loving her because of her part in a previous book … but that quickly changed. Learning her side of the story and watching her put forth such effort with the band while falling in love with what she believed was an average guy was really heartwarming.

Callum was my absolute favorite! Yes, he keeps secrets and all that, but he’s just the sweetest … and I admit, the accent didn’t hurt.

Overall a solid read that I highly recommend to fans of a contemporary romance with multiple plot lines that mesh well with each other.


* Review * TEXAS BODYGUARD: BRAX by Janie Crouch

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * TEXAS BODYGUARD: BRAX by Janie CrouchTexas Bodyguard: Brax by Janie Crouch
Series: San Antonio Security #2
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on March 28, 2023
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A baby in his care…
A target on their backs

A skilled security expert and bodyguard, Brax Patterson is ready for anything…except unexpected custody of his reckless half brother’s baby boy. Someone will kill to take young Walker—and silence his resourceful new nanny, Tessa Mahoney. With her help, Brax is breaking all the rules to keep them safe. But will his and Tessa’s shattering secrets prove too lethal to survive?


Dramatic and sincere! The second book in Janie Crouch’s San Antonio Security series with Harlequin Intrigue is bringing us Brax’s story and several heart pounding tales merge to form one fast paced delight of a read. I loved the characters and their connection was meaningful. There was a lot to keep track of with all of the various bad guys circling at once, but it was an addictive journey.

Brax is a sweetheart and watching him step up for an innocent baby without a second thought was really heartwarming. I enjoyed his story and look forward to more from this family.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that enjoys a tightly woven family who is always involved in an intriguing story line as one brother after another finds their forever love amid danger and mystery.


* Review * BOUND BY THE ITALIAN’S “I DO” by Michelle Smart

* Review * BOUND BY THE ITALIAN’S “I DO” by Michelle SmartBound by the Italian's ''I Do'' by Michelle Smart
Series: A Billion-Dollar Revenge #1
Published by Harlequin Presents on March 28, 2023
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In this game of revenge,
She’ll meet her enemy at the altar…

Billionaire Gianni Rossi destroyed Issy Seymore’s family legacy…and it’s time for payback. Issy has a plan: she’ll get him onto a yacht headed for the Caribbean, distract him then take down his company!

Gianni has been onto Issy from the start, outmaneuvering her at every turn. But, as the heat between them rises, it’s the Italian who begins to feel out of his depth. To finally end the charade, he calls her bluff with an outrageous marriage proposal. Then Issy makes one last move—by saying yes!


Rich in strife and desire! The first book in the Billion-Dollar Revenge duo is fast paced and quick to snag a reader’s attention. I loved the characters and the back story of each and was invested in their happily ever after. I did feel like it wasn’t truly a stand-alone story though because we are left wondering about a lot having to do with her sister instead of having it play out in both books of the duet. I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion in the final book.

I was more drawn to Gianni and his success story with his cousin than I was in Issy’s revenge plot. I felt like he was successful after hardship and continued to work hard to gain the prestige he wants while she believes what she remembers from childhood without truly getting her facts straight. They complement each other with an intriguing storyline.