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* Review * RELUCTANTLY ROYAL by Erin Nicolle

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * RELUCTANTLY ROYAL by Erin NicolleReluctantly Royal by Erin Nicolle
Series: Royals Gone Rogue #1
Published by EN Fiction, Inc. on March 14, 2024
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A marriage of convenience between a dirty-talking prince and the socially awkward scientist who brings him to his knees...

A marriage proposal from a deliciously handsome and wickedly charming prince sounds like a fairytale.

But for a nerdy scientist with severe social anxiety, it’s a horror story.

Prince Torin O’Grady, with his mischievous blue eyes and cocky grin, is always in the spotlight. And he needs to marry me to inherit the crown.

But we have nothing in common. He’s a future king. And I’m perfectly happy slogging through mud in my work boots.

So why can’t I stop thinking about him?

Maybe because he won’t stop texting me. And sending me gifts. And making me feel like everything I find awkward and weird about myself is special and amazing.

And there’s also that little detail of him offering me my dream job and telling me that together we can change the world.

Well, I could probably work for him.

And if I have to marry him temporarily to get what we both want, then fine. It’s for the greater good.

It has nothing to do with the way he kisses me. Or that dirty mouth. Or the royal treatment he gives me in the bedroom.

Fine. Maybe it does. Still, it’s only a year. Then I can turn in my tiara and come back to my normal, boring, behind-the-scenes life.

But Torin is determined to turn me from reluctantly royal to royally his.


Erin Nicholas is spreading her wings beautifully with this first dip into royalty under pen name Erin Nicolle and I can’t wait to come back to devour book after book in the series! The new Royals Gone Rogue series is bringing familiar faces to the forefront for fans of Nicholas’ bayou stardom, but if you’re new to the author it will be an entertaining fresh start of royal decorum with a twist of sass. I loved the mingling of culture and structure of Torin with the down-home feel of nerdy Abigail. Great development of the main characters, but also the culture of Cara and it’s subjects.

Torin is my favorite of the O’Grady’s because though he treasures his freedom and fun lovingness, he was willing to step up and protect his family and take the step necessary to secure the throne when it became necessary. I love his friendship with Jonah and the love he shares with his siblings. I can’t wait to watch him prosper as we see more of him throughout the series.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a modern day royal romance with twists and turns filled with angst, humor and most importantly passionate goodness.


* Review * JUST ONE MORE MOMENT by Carly Phillips

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * JUST ONE MORE MOMENT by Carly PhillipsJust One More Moment by Carly Phillips
Series: The Sterling Family #1
Published by CP Publishing on March 12, 2024
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She thinks happily ever after only happens in romance novels.
He can’t wait to prove her wrong…

Falling in love is not on Raven Walsh’s agenda. Running from her past keeps her way too busy for that. She can, however, handle a friends-with-benefits scenario with the hot billionaire who co-owns The Back Door bar. But trusting him with her heart? Not a chance…

Remington Sterling has had his eye on the smart and sexy Raven since she started waitressing at his bar. He knows she’s gun-shy where relationships are concerned. But he’s ready to do whatever it takes to convince her he’s worth the risk…

When Raven’s secrets catch up to her in a big way, she must decide if the potential cost of trusting Remy is more than she’s willing to pay—and Remy will need to figure out how far he’s willing to go for love…


Instant chemistry and non-stop drama! The first book in Carly Phillips’ Sterling Family series is bringing lots of familiar faces to the forefront as we revisit The Back Door bar familiar from a previous series and reconnect with Remy Sterling. I loved the attraction flowing between Raven and Remy from the very start and once her past comes back with a vengeance and turns her life upside down, all bets are off and protective Remy comes knocking. Great characters, addictive passion and drama galore will keep the reader turning the pages as quickly as possible to reveal every detail of their story. Looking forward to more to come in the series!

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys an alpha, protective hero who meets his match in a sassy, take charge heroine as passion combusts and feelings become all too real!


* Review * CALLUM by Sawyer Bennett

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * CALLUM by Sawyer BennettCallum by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Pittsburgh Titans #12
Published by Big Dog Books, LLC on March 12, 2024
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Callum Derringer was hired by the Pittsburgh Titans to help rebuild the organization after a devastating plane crash left its future unknown. Now that he’s got the team back on track, it’s time to put some effort into his own life.

When I accepted the job of general manager with the Titans, it was just the opportunity I needed to prove myself to the sports world. Unfortunately, my career isn’t the only area in which I’ve previously made mistakes and the past is about to come back in a big way.

Juniper Ryan is…complicated. Smart, funny and insanely gorgeous, she was my first love and my first heartbreak. But my loss was my stepbrother’s gain and she’s been his wife for five years now. I’ve done a decent job of putting her out of my mind but when Juniper breaks down and calls me for help, I know it’s bad. I’m gutted to learn that she was pushed into the arms of a monster.

Vowing to put our past aside, I learn dark truths about my brother and his marriage to my first love. And to make matters worse, I’m beginning to realize the feelings I once had for Juniper aren’t tucked quite as far away as I had hoped.

When things take a dangerous turn, I’m willing to put myself in the line of fire to keep my girl safe. I was a fool to walk away from Juniper the first time and I’m a man who knows better than to make the same mistake twice.


An angsty reunion of first loves is rounding out the Pittsburgh Titans hockey series from Sawyer Bennett. This has been a great series overall with ups and downs all around as turmoil led to redefining moments and connections. It’s now General Manager Callum’s turn to be in the hot seat as he reconnects with his first love and has to decide how to handle the turmoil she brings with her. The characters were easy to like and their drama was attention grabbing for sure. I felt like the timeline didn’t exactly add up with how long they dated and were apart to the ages they are now and also wanted a tad more in the follow up on his mom, etc. but overall I enjoyed their story a lot and was hooked from start to finish.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to fans of hockey romance with the team banding together in a brotherhood to support each other through thick and thin as they each find their forever love.