BOOK REVIEW – Want – Emma Rider



Hot MMA Fighter … need I say more? ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Yes, this book is intense, sexy and a knock out of a read! ย I got a chuckle out of the premise of the book, but the characters drew me in and I ended up liking them and cheering them on along the way.

Jade Andrews is a Professional Cuddler. ย It’s not what she went to college for, but it’s what’s paying the bills at a time when no one else will hire her. ย She’s been lied to, cheated, and taken for quite a ride over the last couple of years and for once she just needs thing to go right for a change.

Ryland Cole is a champion MMA Fighter, known as “The Savage”. ย He’s a tough guy … and if he sees something he wants, he gets it. ย When he sees Jade, he instantly wants to claim her for his own, so he sets plans into motion to do that.

Jade’s friend is in trouble, and she needs money to help him get out of it. ย The only big offer of money she’s had lately was from Ryland, to accompany him on his fight tour. ย She turned him down, but now has no other option than to warm his bed every night for the next few months if she wants to help her friend Gus.

** ย Received free in exchange for an honest review ย **

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