** Book Review ** A VERY EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT by Andrea Laurence

A Very Exclusive Engagement


In this fifth book in the Daughters of Power: The Capital series, Andrea Laurence takes us on a whirlwind journey with a high-powered media mogul and one of the VP’s he inherits when he buys a company.

Liam Crowe is determined to turn around the scandal-plagued news network he just bought and make it successful and reputable again.  Butting heads with one of his fiery tempered employees might not be the best way to accomplish that!

Francesca Orr throws insults at her new boss under her breath in a foreign language one minute and then is kissing him while stuck in an elevator together the next!  Will she agree to a fake … or maybe real … engagement with him if it means helping the network succeed?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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