** Book Review ** AADEN’S HOPE by Jacqui Jacoby


4 1/2 STARS!

I’m not usually one to believe the “end of the world” type stories all that much, but I have to say this one was well written and the characters hooked me.  Sure, there were some inconsistencies and some parts where I wanted more detail building up to something instead of having to assume such and such happened, but overall, I was invested in the story and was not putting the book down until I saw how it ended.

Aaden Munoz was living a carefree life as a handyman in California when all of a sudden he hears that an epidemic is ending the world.  He packs up and heads to a campground he knows to ride it out.  Over the next 4 years, he’s joined by other individuals or groups that made their way there to set up their own little family helping each other grow food and figure out how to survive.

Digger is their latest recruit, and over time, they learn that she is a former government operative, and is currently drowning in grief.  Shortly after she arrives, things start happening around the camp.  Things disappearing, vandalism, and worse.  Is she doing it, or is one of their own trying to send a message?

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