** Book Review ** BEST FRIENDS WITH THE BILLIONAIRE by Coleen Kwan

Best Friends with the Billionaire


If pulling on my heartstrings was Coleen Kwan’s goal when writing this book, she succeeded!  It’s your typical sweet “friends to lovers” trope, but there are several emotional pulls throughout this story that made it go the extra mile for me … the awkwardness a lot of us have felt in life about not fitting in, the sadness of seeing how her family treats her, the strength she had to have to pursue her own life after her dreams were shattered, etc.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and pulled for Cassie the whole way!

Cassie Cooper returns to town for a family function, and takes the opportunity to reconnect with her best friend from college, Kirk Rochester.  They were as close as could be for years and years, until he got married and she moved away.  Now they keep in touch, but it’s more awkward than it used to be.

Kirk came from family money, but he never flaunted it and lived a normal life when they were roommates in college.  Now he’s working for the family business and has a big deal he wants to close, but he has one little problem … he needs a fake girlfriend to make it happen!  He has lived a carefree life since his not-so-happy marriage ended, so he doesn’t have anyone on the horizon to fill the card, so when Cassie comes to town, he asks her!

Cassie has wanted Kirk to notice that she’s a woman instead of “just one of the guys” for years, so she reluctantly agrees to help him.  Will seeing her in girlfriend mode make him wake up and see what’s been right in front of his face for all these years?

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