** Book Review ** COWBOY STRONG by Kelli Ireland



I adored this book!  I can’t tell you how many times I chuckled out loud at the sassy writing style and humor mixed in throughout.  The characters are great … sizzling hot chemistry mixed in with a true caring about each other even though they fight it a lot along the way. Highly recommend!  It’s a sexy, fun read and I promise you won’t walk away disappointed.

Tyson Covington is a sexy cowboy working hard to make a name for himself with his Quarter horse genetics program that he started as a teenager.  He’s having fun riding the rodeo on his way to a championship along side his sweet-addicted horse Gizmo.

His sexy rival, Mackenzie Malone, is right there along side him with her horse, Indie, and working just as hard toward her goals.  They’ve been friendly rivals for a long time, and on the days they are in the same area for competitions, they add some benefits to the mix.

When tragedy strikes and Ty and Gizmo are in a horrible accident, Kenzie steps in to help. Will Ty appreciate all that she’s done to get he and his horse on the road to recovery or will he push her away?

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