** Book Review ** EMERGENCY MARRIAGE by Olivia Gates



Definitely not my favorite book by this author, or by this Harlequin line, but I enjoyed reading it.  It taught you a lot about the medical hardship in other cultures.  I felt the connection between Laura & Armando was stretched and I just didn’t feel the attraction there to any great degree.

Dr. Laura Burnside went to Argentina chasing her dream job to be head of Global Aid Organization there.  Unfortunately, she was pushed aside and Dr. Armando Salazar is in charge instead.  Now she’s having to work under him, put up with his attitude, and to top it all off, she finds out she’s pregnant when the father is already gone from her life!

Armando has worked hard to put together a great hospital to help the area and has many employees who are loyal to his vision.  Laura is faced with a medical crisis, and as she recovers, he uses the time to re-connect with her about her feelings on the job and how they can incorporate their teams together more.  When he blows her away with a marriage proposal and the wish that she stay in Argentina with him, will she accept?

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