** Book Review ** ENGAGED TO HER RAVENSDALE ENEMY by Melanie Milburne



My favorite Ravensdale sibling!  There’s just something about the chemistry between these two that made it my favorite yet in the series.

Jasmine Connolly is having horrible luck with men.  Now her 3rd fiance in just about as many years is telling her he wants a “break”.  She’s convinced he’ll come running back if only he has the right motivation.  She comes up with a plan to make him jealous.

Jake Ravensdale is a notorious playboy, and Jaz’s enemy for years now.  She grew up with his little sister and ever since she had a crush on him when she was a teen that he didn’t return, they have gone at it like cats and dogs whenever in the same room with each other. She can’t believe she’s asking him for a favor, but surely if Myles sees her spending time with him, he’ll hurry back to claim his woman!

When Jake agrees to accompany Jaz to a weekend work function, there are sure to be fireworks … but neither of them expect the attraction that flares up between them!

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **

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