BOOK REVIEW – Every Little Kiss – Kim Amos



A sweet romance with lots of laugh out loud moments, plenty of sass, and some hot, getting to know you, sex!

Casey Tanner recently moved to White Pine.  She wanted to be closer to her sister, and she wanted to turn over a new leaf and stop being such a good girl, by the book, organized mess of a person.

Abe Cameron is a firefighter who has a big reputation for his playboy ways.  He’s down to earth and takes care of everyone he knows, but what a flirt!

Casey meets Abe and there’s an instant connection.  When they start to flirt on their second run-in, it’s even more fun than the first encounter. Abe decides to ask her out … but little does he know she’s making up a list of every hot thing she wants done to her by Christmas.  Abe is willing to play her game, but before they know it, they both are feeling more for each other than they agreed on.

Will Casey decide to run, or will she agree that commitment doesn’t have to be a bad thing?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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