** Book Review ** FIGHTING FOR IT by Jennifer Fusco


3 1/2 STARS!

A sexy match up of old flames, showing that believing in something will get you far!

Jack Brady’s career has fallen apart.  He lost his last fight, his trainer died, and he’s drowning himself in booze.

Daniella Chambers shows up back in town and tells him it’s time to straighten up and get back to work because she needs him to save her Dad’s gym from the shape it’s in.  Dani & Jack were a thing back in high school, but split up when he pushed her to go to college.  Now, ten years have passed, but it all seems like yesterday when they look into each other’s eyes.

Will she be able to get him back on track with his training enough to win another fight?  Is there hope that she can forgive him for hurting her in the past and act on the attraction they still feel for each other?

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