Book Review – FIRE LICKED by Allison West



I enjoyed the characters of this story quite a bit, especially sexy, dominant Jules  –  but I felt the book lacked some substance.  It had a good premise, but unless they were going to get into solving the crime that occurred, that part seemed to just be off topic and more fluff or filler than anything.  I would have enjoyed it more if they had somehow been in on figuring out the mystery if it was going to be written into the book at all.

Lexa Mae has left her home in South Dakota after a break-up with her boyfriend to vacation and have some relaxing down time in New York City.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out that way exactly because as soon as she checks into her hotel, chaos starts.

Jules Sinclair is drawn to the sexy woman that opens the hotel room with only a towel wrapped around her when he is ordering the evacuation of the hotel.  He takes her under his wing and gives her some clothes and a place to stay after she is left with nothing after an explosion at the hotel.  He also has to take her over his knee and teach her how to behave!

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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