BOOK REVIEW – High Country Hideout – Elle James

High Country Hideout


If you’re looking for lots of intrigue, with some feel-good romance to boot, I highly recommend this book!  I’m always a big fan of Elle James novels, but the characters in this one were especially endearing.

Angus Ketchum is fresh out of the Army after a 6 month hospital and rehab stay for injuries sustained in Afghanistan.  He’s been hired by CW Reinhardt, the foreman of Last Chance Ranch in Fool’s Fortune, CO to be a ranch hand secretly posing as a body guard for the ranch owner.

Ranch owner, Reggie Davis lost her husband last year and is raising their 5 year old son Tad with the help of CW and his wife Jo.  Too many convenient accidents around the ranch in recent months have CW worried that something sinister is going on.

Angus and Reggie are attracted to each other from the moment they meet and brush against each other during a fall from a horse.  As the days go by and they work the ranch together, they grow closer.  Tad also grows attached to Angus and his dog Ranger.  When the mystery all comes to a head and they catch who is sabotaging the ranch, will Angus be able to leave to head on to his next job with Covert Cowboys Inc, or will he decide he wants to stay on and enjoy this ready made family?

**  Received free from Elle to review **

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