BOOK REVIEW – Hunter Moon – Jenna Kernan



Another great addition to the Apache Protectors series!  Chock full of suspense as we try to figure out who is setting up Izzie and what is really happening on the reservation.  It was fun catching up with Kino & Lea again too.

Clay Cosen stupidly got into trouble as a teenager, and no one around town is willing to let him forget it or stop gossiping about it.

Isabel Nosie hasn’t seen him in years, and wasn’t willing to hear him out years ago when he wanted to explain things to her.  Now she’s got trouble on her land is approaches Clay to help her.  He’s the best tracker around.

Strange happenings are making many suspicious about who is up to no good.  Will they be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together before Clay or Izzie get into any more trouble over it?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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