** Book Review ** HUSBAND SIT by Louise Cusack



I  must admit, I thought this story sounded too wacky to be any good … and yes, it was quirky … but it had a depth of emotion to it that surprised me.  Not only in the main couple of characters, but also in the friends surrounding them.  I ended up enjoying it quit a bit.  Be ready for lots of HOT sex!

Jill Wilson has just ended a 10 years relationship with a nice, boring guy when her sister Brittany gets herself into trouble and needs money desperately … A LOT of money.  Jill doesn’t know what to do when she can’t get a loan for it, but while talking with someone she’s house sitting for, comes up with a plan.  She’s going to offer her services as a husband sitter.  For a weekly fee, she will keep husbands “happy” at home while their wives are off on vacation.

Finn Walters is an easy going businessman, who’s wife wants him to have company while she’s off doing her thing.  Finn is just humoring her and doesn’t plan in partaking in Jill’s services … until they spend time together and the attraction starts to fly.

When her time with Finn is up and she’s feeling too much, she flits from client to client trying to get him off her mind.  Finn can’t stop thinking about her either, and contacts her several times.  Will she decide to see him?  What kind of future could it bring?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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