** Book Review ** MARRYING THE SINGLE DAD by Melinda Curtis



A heartfelt read about moving forward after deceit and finding happiness again!  Fun characters keep you laughing as you read through to the heart of the story.

Joe Messina is picking up the pieces the best way he can when he comes back home to Harmony Valley with his pre-teen daughter Sam.  He is trying to earn an honest living even with the FBI still breathing down his neck for things he can’t fix.  Will the town give the former bad-boy a second chance, or will he never be able to live down his reputation?

Artist Brittany Lambridge meets Joe shortly after he gets back into town in an unorthodox way.  She’s thinking about pilfering what she things are abandoned car parts from his newly purchased property!  Doing hair for a living isn’t leaving Brit much time to pursue her true passion in life, but she’s determined to do it one way or another.  Will Joe turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her, or will he push her away before they can find out?

ARC received via the Author

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