** Book Review ** ONE WEEK TO SCORE by Kate Meader

One Week to Score


A sexy friends to enemies to lovers story!  It was a pleasure to see these characters again and to watch them make their way through their passion and turmoil.

Olivia Kane planned for the perfect wedding day, but instead it all blew up and she’s left sitting alone at the bar drinking away her sorrows!  She decides she’s going to take her honeymoon for one and go find some sexy man to while away her heartache!

Flynn Cross might be her brother’s best friend, but he’s also the man that broke her young heart seven years ago and she does NOT want to make nice with him!  His interfering ways are getting on her nerves and she just wants him to disappear.

Flynn decides he doesn’t want Olivia throwing herself at some stranger, so he decides to follow her on her honeymoon and offer himself up for a week of all the passion she needs to heal her heart! Liv doesn’t want to forgive him and like him again … but her body finds it hard to resist his touch!  When she finds out his role in ruining her wedding, will she turn away from him again?

ARC received via NetGalley

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