BOOK REVIEW – Pushed – A.F. Crowell



I was hooked very quickly to the characters of this book!  Sexy hot chemistry, yet sweet gentle kindness as well.  I get upset with a cliffhanger just like the next person, but since I have the second book in the series in my hand to start now, I’m not going to panic …. yet! 🙂

Leila Matthews is a trauma nurse in Charleston, SC.  She’s on duty when tragedy strikes.  All of her friends and fellow employees rally around to support her.  Then in walks tall, dark and handsome.

Brody Davis is best friends with her brother Drew.  She’s never met him before, but she’s heard plenty of stories about his love ’em and leave ’em style.  But the look he’s giving her … WOW!

She can’t resist him, and soon they are going at it hot and heavy.  But her body is one thing … her emotions are another.  She’s not about to let a guy in to let him hurt her.  Can Brody convince her that she’s actually different then his past women?  Do they have a chance at a future?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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