** Book Review ** PUSHING THE LIMITS by Jennifer Snow


3 1/2 STARS!

I have read this entire series, and loved it dearly.  I wasn’t as taken with Dean’s story as I was with Walker’s and Tyson’s.  I didn’t feel the connection between him and Colby nearly as strongly as the previous two match ups, possible because she was keeping secrets so much.  I also missed the passionate training and fighting details that were in the previous two books.  I enjoyed hearing Dean’s story, but I would recommend you go back and start from the beginning with Breaking Her Rules and Fighting the Fall if you haven’t already read them, so you get the full passion of the series at a whole when reading this one.

Dean Hardy was a rising MMA fighter a year ago when tragedy struck and an opponent died after a kick he delivered in a fight.  Dean stopped fighting and totally withdrew from that part of his life.  He started working security at a casino, and tried to ignore everything about his past life.

Colby Edwards is a reporter trying to land an anchor position, when she meets Dean by accident one night.  She decides to work undercover as a ring girl to get an inside story of the inner workings of MMA.  She makes sure she runs into Dean to attempt to get info from him, and soon they are getting involved.  She encourages him to get back into the game again when a fight opportunity comes up.  Will she make the mistake of not telling him the truth before he learns it from someone else?  Will Dean be able to move forward and fight again?

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