Book Review -SOME GIRLS LIE by Amy Andrews



A HOT friends-to-lovers romance that inspires you to keep believing in forever even if you hit some speed bumps along the way!  Great characters!

JJ Ericson is minding her own business, enjoying life, running her bar, lusting after her BFF from afar when a wrecking ball busts in and turns her life upside down.

Ethan Weston’s witch of an ex-wife just got remarried and declared her intent to sue for custody of their 14 year old daughter all in the same day, so he’s in the mood to tie one on and JJ has always been his soft place to fall.

The morning after, JJ’s abusive ex-husband shows up at the door wanting to reconnect and Ethan tells him to get lost after announcing they are engaged.  When they talk it out afterwards, they realize the ruse is a good one for both of them.  He can keep her safe from Shane, and she can help him win the brewing custody battle with his ex.

Being up close and personal wreaks havoc on them both and they find it impossible to keep fighting this attraction.  Will they give in and enjoy each other or will Ethan keep pining after his ex and letting forever slip past again?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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