** Book Review ** THE CEO’S UNEXPECTED CHILD by Andrea Laurence



A great story that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you long for the magic that Luca and Claire stumbled upon.  A reminder that dreams do come true, and that disappointment doesn’t mean the end to all happiness.  Really enjoyed reading!

Luca Moretti can’t believe it when a fertility clinic mix-up results in him fathering a baby girl, but he will let nothing get in the way of him getting to be a father to her.

Claire Douglas thought she had it all, until the world exploded around her.  She was finally pregnant after years of fertility issues, then her husband is killed before she has the baby, and shortly afterward, she finds out he wasn’t even the father.

Luca wants visitation with his daughter, but Claire is fighting handing her over to a stranger, so Luca comes up with a plan to make her more comfortable while they get to know each other.  Will she eventually agree to sharing this precious bundle?  And as they get to know each other, will they act on the attraction they feel?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **

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