** Book Review ** THE MILLIONAIRE MAKEOVER by Naima Simone


4 1/2 STARS!

This book is filled with many emotions.  One minute you can be smiling at her best friend’s sassiness, and the next you might be sad as they remember back … but one thing you’ll definitely feel is the steamy hot sizzle coming off of sexy Niall Hunter!

Khloe Richardson is trying to catch the eye of a guy at work and lets her BFF convince her to try the “make him jealous” routine.  Only the joke is on her when the masked bachelor she bids on to be her make-believe date is none other than Niall Hunter, the man who set her on fire several years ago during an alcohol fueled romp and then disappeared from her life.

Irish millionaire, Niall Hunter, has tried for years to get Khloe off his mind, but running into her again makes that impossible … but he’s still torn from his promise to her older brother and his best friend since childhood to stay away and make sure she only settled down with a man worthy of her good heart.

Will Khloe be able to forgive him for stomping on her heart all those years ago?  And will Niall ever be able to see himself worthy of the love of a woman like Khloe?

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