** Book Review ** THE SEAL’S SECRET HEIRS by Kat Cantrell



Loved this book!  I read Cat Schield’s earlier book when Liam first got Maddie, so it was great to see how it played out once Kyle finally made it home.  Important lessons are learned about how communicating can save lots of heartache, and also how important family can turn out to be.

Kyle Wade’s life was complete when he became a Navy SEAL .. or so he thought.  When he arrives back home to Royal, Texas after being gone ten years and finds that he’s the father of infant twin daughters, he realizes he hasn’t lived through anything yet.  Injured overseas and no longer able to be a SEAL, Kyle doesn’t know where he will fit in on the family ranch, but the second he lays eyes on his daughters, he knows he’ll figure it out.

Grace Haines was Kyle’s high school sweetheart, and neither of them have put the other out of their minds over the years.  As soon as they are in the same room together, sparks are flying … but she’s the caseworker assigned to his daughters.  Can they overcome their past and have a future?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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