** Book Review ** WHEN HE FELL by Kate Hewitt



This was an extremely riveting book and I highly recommend it!  It deals with a situation that teaches how much what goes on in your life can affect your child and how to deal with mistakes, blame and guilt when terrible things occur.

Josh and Ben are nine year old best friends enjoying life and their playdates, until something happens on the playground one day that changes their lives forever.

Maddie Reese is a single mom, working hard to get by and provide for her kid.  She isn’t expecting a call from the school that day, and sadly is alone in life to deal with the aftermath. She has no family other than Ben, even though she’s always yearned for a family connection.

Joanna Taylor-Davies runs her own dental practice and is married to Lewis who has a wordworking business.  Their son Josh has been on the quiet side since he was a young child, but since he starting going to school in Manhattan and became friends with Ben, he has blossomed.

Both mother’s set out on their own to find out what really happened at the school that day because each feels that secrets are being kept.  As these two worlds collide, will anyone ever be the same again?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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