** Book Review ** WHISPERS UNDER A SOUTHERN SKY by Joanne Rock

Whispers Under a Southern Sky


A little bit of everything greets you when you make your way through the pages of this newest voyage into Heartache, Tennessee!  We have reuniting of past loves, family break-ups and reconciliations, teen angst and a big mystery in the works of trying to find out who’s been terrorizing young girls around town for years.  Great read!

We finally meet that long lost Finley sister when Amy returns to town after a 10 year absence.  She’s finally put the past behind her enough to be able to face her family, the town and all of it’s triggers.  She’s not expecting to meet back up with her high school sweetheart again though!

Sheriff Sam Reyes had his own reasons for fleeing town all those years ago, and he’s back in town now with his baby son to try to put some of those issues to rest and get justice once and for all.

Amy and Sam can’t deny their attraction is still there … and they both need some happiness in their lives … but will he be able to get past a secret that she wants to keep buried?

ARC received via Author/NetGalley

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